lefort's seafood


serving up the best boiled crawfish and seafood around!


Our dad has been in the seafood industry for well over 25 years. From very humbled roots he grew his business with dedication and a solid work ethic. In fact, I've yet to meet a single person that works harder than he does. He also the most kind hearted and generous man you may ever have the pleasure of meeting. He started his business with a simple plan. Sell fresh seafood. And that's just what he did for years off of his truck, a classic 1973 Ford Ranger. After years on the road, dad had an opportnity to move into a place of his own, which is where we are today. While there were countless set backs (mainly a small storm that blew through around 2005), the shop was finally open and has been what it is today for the past 10 years. We're proud to offer freshly harvested, local seafood boiled to perfection in a secret blend of seasonings. Stop in today and you'll see what sets us apart from the competition!